Dirk Swagerman, professor controlling at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.
  "I know the people from MBDadvice personally. They have many years of practical financial experience based on their high management positions in the industry as well as consultancy in the financial area. This experience is gained in the Netherlands, but also with many abroad assignments. The activities are executed in the energy industry, as well as other sectors, including the public sector. Performing all kind of financial training is part of their portfolio. The consultants from MBDadvice are very professional. I recommend these consultants without any doubt."
Drs. K. de Groot RC, manager Monitoring bij het Ministerie van OCW, Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs.
  "MBDadvice ingehuurd om de RJ jaarverslaggeving en de praktische toepassing daarvan binnen projecten/programma's in de publieke sector versus private sector (IFRS) te doceren en te bediscussiëren."
  "Ik kenmerk de partners als innovatief, kennis van zaken, flexibel, praktisch, actueel en betrouwbaar."
Drs.M.A.Scheltema is a Board member of ASR, Schiphol Group, Triodos Bank and member of the Supervisory Board of the Dutch Rijksmuseum. In addition she is an external member of the Audit Committee of ABP (Dutch State Pension organisation)..
  "Excellent financial services is about reliability, quality, depth and understanding of the business."
  "The three parners of MBDadvice have proven each time to guarantee this."